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I am delighted to announce the listing of Ô Sorbet d’Amour on the open market of the Paris Stock Exchange, with 1st trading starting on 5 February 2016.

Founded in Arcachon Bay in 1935, Ô Sorbet d’Amour has great expertise in the production and sale of home-made ice cream, enjoying tremendous success for the last 80 years

When I bought the company at the beginning of 2015, I declared my intention to ensure the future of the brand and above all to support its development. We very soon created a new graphic identity and a new design concept. New shops were opened in Bordeaux city centre. A distribution agreement was signed with the Pomona Group for the sale of ice cream in certain restaurants and thus develop awareness of the brand among the general public. Finally, at the end of 2015, we signed a Master Franchise contract with China, for the opening of 300 shops over 4 years.

We have great ambition, our development plan is equally on a large scale.

Flotation on the Stock Exchange marks an important stage in the life of the company. It should allow us to support our future growth.

As such, I would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us by supporting our development projects.

January 2016

Pascal Hamon



05/02/2016 : Ô Sorbet d’Amour listed on the Stock Exchange – press release

02/02/2016 : Ô Sorbet d’Amour announces its listing on the free market – press release




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  • The brand is celebrating its 80th birthday
  • Traditional craftmanship with a catalogue of rich and varied flavours, nearly 100 different tastes and original creations
  • High-performance production machinery, large enough to support growth
  • A sorbet and ice cream consumer market estimated at 348 million litres in France in 2013, out-of-home consumption represents 28% of this
  • A network of brand-owned shops, franchises and ephemeral sales outlets




31.12.15 (e)

Nbr of shops 7 10
Turnover 1 889 K€ 2 100 K€
Gross margin 83,26% 72,4%
Operating income 186 K€ 112 K€
Net income 124 K€ 98 K€
Headcount 11 12



02/02/2016 : Listing of shares for trading on the Paris Euronext Free Market

02/02/2016 : February 2016 presentation file



ISIN Code FR0013072741
Mnemonic MLOSA
Listing market Euronext Paris
Market Free
Eligible for the Equity Savings Plan yes
Eligible for the SME Equity Savings Plan yes
Number of shares comprising the capital 1 666 7000
Type of Listing Fixing
1ère listing February 5th 2016


Shareholding :                          Hamon Family  99 %

How do you become a shareholder of Ô Sorbet d’Amour?

To buy shares, you can :

  1. Contact your financial intermediary, who will send your stock exchange order for any purchase or sale of Ô Sorbet d’Amour shares.

You have the option to register Ô Sorbet d’Amour shares in an Equity Savings Plan or a PME Equity Savings Plan. You must in this case advise the financial intermediary who manages your Equity Savings Plan or SME Equity Savings Plan.

Download the form

  1. Send your order online if you have an online broker account.


The company and its major shareholder have drawn up a support contract with a Listing Sponsor, the company Champeil AM, to track share price trends, provide information to shareholders and organise share liquidity.


Investor contact
Pascal Hamon
250 avenue du parc des expositions
3260 La Teste de Buch (France)
+33 (0)5 57 15 28 39
Listing Sponsor
Champeil Asset Management
9 cours de Gourgue
33 000 BORDEAUX (France)
+33 (0)5 56 79 62 32