Our expertise


Traditional craftsmanship:

The keywords in our company in terms of products, are high expectations and quality.

We work with ripe fruit which is subject to quality tests and comes from renowned suppliers, who treat the fruit with care and share our values. Top quality is a priority for our products and traditional production processes.

These include ice creams, sorbets, Tofidou (salted butter crème caramel), nougatine, candied chestnuts, whipped cream… and not forgetting the cones made by dedicated employees in our laboratory.


Production process :

Pascal Hamon and his team combine tradition and modernity. Professional ice-cream making equipment is used to support traditional production processes. The laboratory meets HACCP standards, is EC approved and has a fully controlled cold chain.


Full fruit designation :

The proportion of fruit is an essential factor for flavour, shelf-life and quality. If the standards usually applied require fruit quality of 45% (20% for acid fruits) for the fruit in a sorbet, for it to be designated “full fruit”, our sorbets contain much more, for example Guava contains 55%; Strawberry, Apricot and Mirabelle plum contain 60%, Melon 70%…A way to be certain of your fruit intake!


High-quality partners:

The chocolate used for ice creams and sorbets comes exclusively from our supplier, Valrhona.
Our milk comes from Michel Dessarps’ farm in Gujan Mestras.